Curiosity atterra su Marte. Il video della Nasa che mostra in diretta l’arrivo della sonda spaziale Curiosity sul suolo del pianeta rosso. La missione durerà un anno marziano (circa due anni terrestri) 687 giorni. 

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In March 2011, Arab Spring–inspired protests kicked off in the impoverished Syrian agricultural town of Dara‘a. The mini-uprising, defined by its peaceful character, met a brutal response, one that few observers at the time could have anticipated would blow up into a far wider rebellion against President Bashar Assad and the entrenched, decades-long rule of his family. With Syrian authorities clamping down on journalistic access and freedoms, we saw glimpses of the unrest there for months only through grainy YouTube footage—images as uncertain and hard to corroborate as the events on the ground.

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Serial entrepreneur Ryan Carson, who has built a series of conferences and education services for web designers and developers in the U.K., says he has had enough of hackathons.

According to him, they’re run by opportunists looking to cash in on the eagerness of young talent for their own purposes:

The problem is that articles like This City Never Sleeps, and Neither do the Hackers and job posts that mention hacker mansions are starting to appear everywhere.

It’s a joke and I’m tired of it. Developers aren’t monkeys in a cage who can’t wait to do the next “hackathon”. They’ve got families, bills to pay and every other pressure that normal people do. They don’t want to drink Red Bull all night and sleep under their desks.

Next time someone asks if you want to crash at their hacker mansion for the summer (which has a ppol, BBQ and pool…

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Britain’s undocumented children: Good things and small packages

Repeating Islands

Britain’s undocumented children are caught between liberal courts and squeezed local budgets—The Economist reports. Follow link below for the original report.

WHEN her father died, Claire came on her own from Jamaica, aged 12, to join her older half-sister. She misbehaved and the sister kicked her out. The Home Office revoked her authorisation to stay, telling her to go back to the Caribbean; Claire, then 15, absconded instead. A few years later, pregnant and on the streets, she turned to the network of charities that look after the destitute in Birmingham, especially the Children’s Society. After over a year moving between night shelters and temporary rooms, she now has “discretionary leave” to remain with her children. This entitles her to housing and income support, but she will have to reapply before long.

Irregular migrants have long been a neuralgic issue in Britain. Under the previous Labour government a backlog…

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