Italy, the Florence killing are symptom of a wider racism

by , The Guardian

Gianluca Casseri’s profile may fit the stereotype of the lone gunman, but Italy has a serious problem dealing with migrants
Florence is known to Italians as a city that is visited by hundreds of thousands each year, but which even people from other parts of Italy who have lived there for decades say will never be home. Florentine frigidity is magnified in the case of non-Italians, especially non-white migrants – those still referred to pejoratively as extracommunitari, undesirable nationals from outside the European Union.

Against this backdrop, the killings of two Senegalese men, Modou Samb, aged 40, and Mor Diop, aged 54, and the injuring of three others on Tuesday by Gianluca Casseri, 50, a local man with far-right allegiances, should perhaps not come as a complete surprise. Casseri’s profile certainly fits the stereotype of the lone gunman. After going on his shooting spree, armed with a .357 Magnum, killing Samb and Diop in the suburban Piazza Dalmazia and going on to shoot three others in the central market of San Lorenzo, Casseri shot himself. He is described as a fantasist, an author of cult essays and books inspired by Tolkien and Evola, who dreamed of a return to the pagan roots of a Europe reigned over by Norse kings.



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